Does my cannabis business need to provide data to CCA? If so, how do I do that?

Check if you’re in a CCA-regulated county.

CCA currently has six member counties. If you are a business that is regulated by the county of Humboldt, Mendocino, Yolo, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, or Inyo County, you are in CCA’s jurisdiction. Each member county has a different timeline for imposing data sharing requirement.

See the list of CCA counties to determine when you are required to start sharing data with CCA.  Click here to see our fact sheet.

Yes, I am in a CCA-regulated county.

Your county is member of CCA and requires all applicants and permitted cannabis businesses to share data directly with CCA. The purpose of a direct connection to CCA is to provide your local regulators with up-to-date information directly from the source to ensure that local compliance and enforcement efforts are directed towards those businesses that are not abiding by the law. CCA is not a tracking service and is not a duplication of the state’s track-and-trace system. Our purpose is to consolidate existing data sources into one platform so that local regulators can verify information from multiple sources, and have a better understanding of the commercial activity taking place within their jurisdiction.

To operate in your county, you will need to provide CCA with commercial cannabis data directly through your 3rd Party Software Provider, or manual data submission.

How do I provide CCA with my data?

You will need to provide CCA with commercial cannabis data directly – either through your 3rd Party Software Provider using an Application Programming Interface (API) connection, or through weekly manual submissions. For convenience, our connection method is the same process for how your business can transmit data to METRC, the state’s track and trace system – through either an API connection, or direct upload.

3rd Party Software Connection

CCA does not require businesses to use any particular software, and we do not endorse specific vendors. As we approve Vendors, CCA will list them on our website.

If you are already using a 3rd Party Software Provider, please make sure they are an approved CCA Vendor, or contact them to let them know you are required to connect with us. CCA will work with all 3rd Party Software System Providers, and will work with any interested Vendor to ensure they are approved by CCA. New vendors are being approved on a regular basis.

See the list of CCA-approved 3rd Party Software Providers.

More information specific for 3rd Party Software Providers is available here.

Tip:  Most 3rd Party Vendors do not charge extra for connecting to CCA via API connection, but some do. Ask your Vendor if they place an extra charge on businesses for this type of connection.

CSV Manual Submission Upload

If your cannabis business does not use a software system capable of connecting to CCA via an Application Programming Interface (API) connection process, you are required to submit data to CCA through a weekly manual submission.

Submissions are due every Monday by 12:00 pm to They must be returned in the correct format. If you have nothing to report, please fill out the appropriate template and return with your company’s information and zeros in the corresponding cells. Use the appropriate CSV form for your business type and follow the instructions for each cell included in the template.

See documents below for instructions and templates.

CSV Manual Submission Instructions

CSV Manual Submission Instructions - Monterey County

CSV Manual Submission Instructions - San Luis Obispo County

CSV Manual Submissions Instructions_Yolo County_5-14-19



Cultivation Transfer


Manufacturing Transfer


You’re all set

Your data will now go securely to CCA! CCA is adding members frequently. Please check out our website for updates and new members announcements.

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