The California Cannabis Authority is a Joint Powers Authority established by county governments pursuant to the Joint Exercise of Powers Act to provide its members access to a sophisticated data analytics platform to regulate commercial cannabis in their jurisdiction.  By providing current, actionable intelligence and reports, local regulators and tax officials will have the power to make decisions efficiently based on facts to increase tax realization and enhance both public safety and economic prosperity.

Big Data Means Big Efficiencies

Members of CCA have access to a sophisticated data analytics platform powered by NCS Analytics - a leading provider of predictive analytics from diverse data sets, specializing in cash-intensive businesses like commercial cannabis. CCA's data platform provides members current, actionable intelligence and reports, giving regulators the power to make decisions efficiently and effectively. The data platform aggregates data from multiple sources including track and trace data to provide local governments not only what is reported, but also predictive analytics and insights on the efficacy of reported data.

The data platform can be used to ensure that adequate tax payments are being made; assist local law enforcement and code enforcement officers with accurate and defensible information for compliance; provide public health officials with product information, including product origin and product flow; and inform community planning efforts by understanding locations, concentrations and potential past or future land use patterns. CCA’s data platform provides local governments with a number of secure log-in connections to access clear, accurate, and real-time data on commercial cannabis activity within their jurisdiction.

Shared Experiences

CCA is also a community of local governments sharing expertise and experiences as well as cooperatively addressing the complex issues that arise in the regulation and taxation of commercial cannabis.  Whether working cooperatively with cities on a method of apportionment, or local licensees on the most efficient means of supplementing what data track and trace lacks, CCA is a forum for members to actively and cooperatively engage in commercial cannabis regulatory and tax oversight.


CCA is structured around Members and Participants. Counties are CCA Members and join the Joint Powers Authority (JPA) when their County Board of Supervisors passes a resolution to adopt the JPA Agreement.  Participants are cities and other public agencies who wish to participate in the JPA and receive access to the data platform.  CCA Participants enter into a "Participation Agreement" (a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)) with CCA defining the terms and security of access to the data platform.  For more information on becoming a CCA Member or Participant, follow the links below or reach out to us directly through our contact page.

Click here to read the Joint Powers Agreement

Click here to read CCA's Bylaws

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