Does my cannabis business need to provide anything to CCA?  

CCA has revised the process of submitting track and trace data, reducing the burden on licenses and ensuring the data provided to our Members is substantially more reliable.

To know if you need to provide anything to the CCA, check to see if you are operating in a CCA member jurisdiction.

If your business is operating in a CCA Member jurisdiction, please check with the County first for your reporting obligations.  In most cases, the County will ask you to submit your track and trace commercial API Key to the County which will be forwarded to us.  See here for how to generate your commercial API Key in METRC.


Unfortunately, the State's track and trace system does not record pricing information for outbound transactions by cultivators nor does the commercial API provide access to outbound pricing information for other licensee types.  Consequently, licensees in CCA member counties need to supplement data provided by the API with a monthly report which reconciles pricing, weight, and quantity information on all outbound transfers.

The report is due the first of every month for the preceding month's transfers (e.g., due by January 1 for December's transactions).  Check with your licensing County to confirm when the submission is due to avoid any late penalties.  Instructions for completing the form are included in the spreadsheet.

Click here to download the Streamlined Transfer Report.

Please submit your report to

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