Are you a local government interested in joining CCA?

CCA works with all local governments, whether they are regulating cannabis or have a ban on commercial activity in place. Our purpose is to provide local jurisdictions access to all cannabis data in location so that cities and counties can have an accurate understanding of what commercial cannabis activity is happening in their jurisdiction.

CCA is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) created between counties with cannabis regulatory and taxing authority. CCA’s Board of Directors will be made up of one representative from each county that joins the organization. In addition, the day-to-day business of CCA will be directed by an Executive Committee consisting of five members from the Board of Directors. Cities and other public entities will be allowed to participate in the JPA and access data, but will not be part of the authority’s governance structure.  Financial institutions will have access to CCA data by contract.

To Become a County Member

County Boards of Supervisors must pass a resolution to join the JPA and adopt the JPA Agreement. Boards of Supervisors must also appoint a representative to serve on the CCA Board of Directors. All local jurisdictions participating in CCA must also require cannabis businesses in their jurisdiction to provide their commercial cannabis data directly to CCA- in the same manner they provide this information to the state.

A copy of the Joint Powers Resolution is available here.

A sample resolution is available here.

Click here to see a copy of the CCA Bylaws.

City Participants

Cities are encouraged to participate in CCA, and do so by contract. All jurisdictions desiring CCA data access must require cannabis businesses operating within their jurisdiction to provide specific information to CCA. Our data requirement is the same as the state’s. Businesses must connect to CCA using their 3rd Party Vendor Software, through a direct API connection, or send in manual data submissions. More information about the connection process can be found here. (link to cannabis business page)

What does it cost to join CCA?

The CCA Board of Directors adopted a financing structure at its March 2018 board meeting that includes a quarterly fee to be paid by each Member County and participating entity, based upon total sales within the jurisdiction. This structure is consistent with other Software as Service providers and revenue structures, as the amount of data tracked and analyzed is tied to the fee paid.

The fee is a small basis point calculation of gross receipts of commercial cannabis activity within the jurisdiction. This amount is commensurate with the amount of data generated, and therefore equitable to each member or participant’s costs to the JPA. It is the decision of the Member County or participating entity to determine what resource source the fee will originate from, whether it be part of tax proceeds, fee revenue or another source. CCA will not charge members or participants until their portal is established and data can be accessed.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.